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Refined Home Services offers top-of-the-line bathroom renovation and design services utilizing the latest technology to create your dream space. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge software design tools and energy efficient techniques to bring your vision to life, while ensuring the highest level of quality, functionality and style. 

From modern and luxurious spa-like bathrooms to more functional and efficient spaces, our goal is to make your bathroom renovation a seamless and enjoyable experience. Whether you want to upgrade your fixtures, expand your shower, or completely transform the layout of your bathroom, we are here to bring your ideas to life. 


  • Complete bathroom remodeling and design

  • Fixture upgrades (sinks, toilets, shower heads, etc.)

  • Shower and bathtub expansion and customization

  • Lighting and electrical upgrades

  • Flooring and tile installation

  • Vanity and countertop replacement

  • Wall and ceiling updates

  • Plumbing upgrades and installations

  • Space planning and layout optimization

  • Accessibility modifications (grab bars, walk-in showers, etc.)

  • Green technology integration (low-flow fixtures, eco-friendly materials, etc.)

  • Project management and coordination with other contractors

  • Consultation and design services to ensure a personalized renovation experience.


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​With our attention to detail and commitment to using the latest technology, you can trust us to deliver a beautiful and functional bathroom renovation that you will love for years to come. 

  • Design Services: Our team of experts offers comprehensive design services from space planning to material selection, we will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life.

  • Fixture Upgrades: Upgrade your bathroom with the latest fixtures and technologies. From new toilets to sleek showerheads, we will ensure your bathroom is both functional and stylish.

  • Shower and Bathtub Expansion: Maximize your bathroom space with a custom shower or bathtub expansion. Our team will work with you to design the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Lighting and Electrical Upgrades: Improve the ambiance of your bathroom with upgraded lighting and electrical features. From energy-efficient LED lights to new electrical outlets, we will ensure your bathroom is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Flooring and Tile Installation: Give your bathroom a new look with beautiful flooring and tile installations. Our team will expertly install your chosen materials for a flawless finish.

  • Vanity and Countertop Replacement: Upgrade your bathroom storage with a new vanity and countertop. 

  • Wall and Ceiling Updates: Whether you want to install new tiles, paint, or add a decorative element, we will work with you to create a fresh look that you will love.

  • Plumbing Upgrades and Installations: Keep your bathroom running smoothly with plumbing upgrades and installations. From new pipes to improved water pressure, we will ensure your bathroom is functional and efficient.

  • Space Planning and Layout Optimization: Make the most of your bathroom space with expert space planning and layout optimization. We will work with you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

Modern Bathroom Remodel


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