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Home Maintenance Checklist and Practical Upgrades for Spring

Updated: Mar 14

Springtime brings with it a flurry of opportunities to refresh and maintain your living spaces. From practical upgrades to essential home maintenance tasks, this season offers a chance to breathe new life into your surroundings. A quick guide for you to download and a more comprehensive list are below.

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home
Quick Guide for Home Maintenance

Exterior Home Maintenance and Improvements

Whether performing routine home maintenance or implementing energy-saving upgrades, spring is the perfect time to enhance your home's beauty, functionality and value. Embracing these tips ensures a smooth transition into the vibrant season ahead, fostering a renewed sense of comfort and vitality in your home.


  • Regularly inspect your roof for cracked or broken shingles. 

  • Check chimney and exhaust pipes for loose collars or cracks.

  • Clear gutters regularly and check for shingle granules eroding from roof shingles.

  • Ensure gutter water flows away from your home's foundation. 

  • Consider professional roof cleaning to eliminate stains or moss.

  • Replace missing or damaged shingles promptly.

  • Install a solar-powered attic fan for improved ventilation.

  • Add a weather-resistant coating to extend the life of your roof.

  • Install solar panels on the roof for energy efficiency.

  • Get an instant roof quote to see what a replacement might cost.


  • Check for drafts on windy days.

  • Open and close windows to ensure proper operation.

  • Check locks open and close properly.

  • Inspect insulation for damage or erosion. 

  • Replace damaged windows with energy-efficient windows.

  • Choose designs that match your home's style.

  • Install window treatments for added privacy and aesthetics.

  • Consider upgrading to double-pane windows for improved insulation.

  • Install window film for UV protection and energy efficiency.

  • Upgrade to smart windows for automated light and air control.


  • Inspect for rotting wood or cracked siding.

  • Replace loose or rotted pieces with new siding.

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to enhance curb appeal.

  • Replace wood siding with durable vinyl siding.

  • Consider adding architectural details like window shutters or decorative molding.

  • Upgrade to insulated siding for improved energy efficiency.

Doors and Fixtures

  • Update doors for energy efficiency.

  • Upgrade door hardware for enhanced security.

  • Install a smart doorbell for convenience and safety.

  • Consider a keyless entry system for added security.

  • Add a storm door for extra insulation and protection.

  • Consider biometric door locks for advanced security.

  • Install motion-activated outdoor lighting for increased security.

Garage Door

  • Upgrade to a modern design for enhanced curb appeal.

  • Add smart garage door technology for remote control.

  • Ensure proper insulation to improve energy efficiency.

  • Install a garage door screen for increased functionality.

  • Consider a decorative garage door hardware kit for added style.

  • Add a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener for remote monitoring.

Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Create inviting spaces with a new patio or deck.

  • Furnish outdoor areas for comfort.

  • Install a pergola or retractable awning for shade.

  • Consider adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for ambiance.

  • Add a built-in outdoor kitchen for entertaining.

  • Install a water feature, like a fountain or pond, for a tranquil atmosphere.

Maintaining Your Home's Value
Update Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

  • Illuminate landscaping for drama and security.

  • Install solar-powered lights for energy efficiency.

  • Consider smart outdoor lighting for customizable settings.

  • Add pathway lighting for safety.

  • Install string lights for a festive atmosphere.

  • Illuminate trees with uplights for a dramatic effect.

  • Install color-changing outdoor lights for versatility.

  • Incorporate smart timers for dynamic lighting effects.

Electrical Maintenance

  • Periodically engage a certified electrician for a home energy audit.

  • Update lighting fixtures for a modern look.

  • Install smart plugs for energy monitoring.

  • Consider a whole-home surge protector for added safety.

  • Upgrade to a smart thermostat for energy efficiency.

  • Install outdoor outlets for convenient outdoor power access.

  • Install USB outlets for convenient device charging.

Update Lighting Fixtures

  • Switch to energy-efficient lighting.

  • Install dimmer switches for adjustable lighting.

  • Consider solar-powered outdoor lights.

  • Add under-cabinet lighting for task illumination.

  • Install motion-activated lights for added security.

  • Integrate smart lighting for remote control and scheduling.

Smart Home Integration

  • Explore smart home technology for energy optimization.

  • Install a smart thermostat for temperature control.

  • Add smart plugs for appliances.

  • Consider a smart home security system for peace of mind.

  • Integrate a smart irrigation system for water conservation.

  • Install a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector for safety.

  • Implement voice-activated home automation for hands-free control.

  • Upgrade to a comprehensive home management system.

Maintaining Your Home's Value
Heating and Cooling Management

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect plumbing fixtures for leaks.

  • Upgrade to touchless faucets for hygiene.

  • Install a water leak detection system.

  • Consider a water softener for improved plumbing longevity.

  • Add a hot water recirculation system for instant hot water.

  • Install a rainwater harvesting system for sustainable water use.

  • Winterize plumbing and protect against sleet and freezing rain 

Install Water-Efficient Fixtures

  • Upgrade faucets, showerheads, and toilets.

  • Add a water filtration system for better water quality.

  • Install a tankless water heater for energy efficiency.

  • Consider a dual-flush toilet for water conservation.

  • Upgrade to a smart water heater for remote control.

  • Install a greywater system for recycling water from sinks and showers.

  • Install hands-free faucets for improved hygiene.

Regular Water Heater Maintenance

  • Schedule annual maintenance for your water heater.

  • Insulate hot water pipes for energy efficiency.

  • Consider a water heater timer for controlled usage.

  • Install a drain pan for added protection.

  • Flush the water heater annually to remove sediment.

  • Consider a water heater expansion tank for added safety.

  • Consider a tankless hybrid water heater for energy efficiency.

  • Explore Wi-Fi-enabled water heaters for remote monitoring.

Invest in Energy Saving Systems

  • Consider installing HVAC for energy-efficient heating and cooling.

  • Install ceiling fans for improved air circulation.

  • Add a whole-house humidifier for comfort.

  • Consider a smart thermostat for remote temperature control.

  • Upgrade to a heat pump system for energy efficiency.

  • Install a ventilation system for better indoor air quality.

HVAC Maintenance

  • Frequently change HVAC filters.

  • Have your HVAC ductwork inspected.

  • Consider a programmable thermostat for energy savings.

  • Add UV lights to HVAC systems for improved indoor air quality.

  • Install a whole-house dehumidifier for comfort.

  • Consider upgrading to a high-efficiency HVAC system for long-term savings.

  • Install smart vents for personalized climate control.

  • Explore air purification systems for enhanced indoor air quality.

In 2024, take charge of your home's value by implementing these practical upgrades and maintenance steps. From exterior enhancements to essential systems, these measures will enhance your property's appeal and functionality. As you envision a home that captivates potential buyers, the rewards of these endeavors will be reflected in the increased value of your property when the time comes to sell or refinance.


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