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What Type Of Solar Panel Is Best For Your Home Or Business?

Updated: Jan 26

Solar panels can be a game-changing addition to your home or business. By installing them, you can be part of the green energy transformation and save money on your bills.

The cost of installing solar panels has decreased dramatically over the past decade, and this emission-free energy source is becoming a more feasible option for people across the country.

solar panels and installation
Solar Panels for Roofs

What are the options for solar panels on roofs?

Refined Home Services has always been committed to helping New England’s home and business owners keep a high quality of life while achieving energy efficiency. So we’re proud to say that we now offer installation of both Mono and MonoPERC solar panels.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits of solar panels and the differences between the two types mentioned above, so you can choose the solar panel system that best fits your particular needs and budget.

Benefits of solar panels

Save money over time

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about solar panels? For a lot of people, it’s the joy they would feel if they never had to pay an expensive energy bill ever again. The amount of savings provided by solar panels varies depending on where you live, the efficiency of the panels, and what kind of government incentives you receive. But no matter what, you can expect to wince a lot less when you get your monthly bill.

Mono and MonoPERC solar panels
What are the different types of solar panels?

What better way to teach the next generation about sustainability than taking the initiative and switching to green energy in the home?

Enjoy lower up-front costs

Solar panels for homes used to be an investment that many families couldn’t afford. But thankfully, the price of solar panels has kept dropping at the same time that the efficiency of the cells has increased.

That means that now is a better time than ever to reap the advantages of solar energy.

Be the change

There’s doubt about whether Ghandi ever really said to “be the change you want to see in the world.” But it’s a good sentiment, anyway. Installing solar panels shows that you’re doing your part to help the country transition to a more sustainable future.

Commercial solar panel installation also sends the message to potential clients that your business cares about the environment.

Boost your property value

Solar panels on residential buildings can significantly increase the value of the property. This is just another way that the benefits of this technology can outweigh up-front solar panel costs in the medium and long term.

Which is the best solar panel for you?

To have the best experience with solar panels, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons of two of the most common kinds to decide which is right for you.

Consider up-front costs

Monocrystalline (Mono) panels are manufactured using a single silicon crystal, as the name suggests. This is the most popular kind of solar panel used in rooftop solar applications today.

A benefit of this type of panel is that it has slightly lower up-front costs compared to the MonoPERC panels.

What Type Of Solar Panel Is Best

At Refined Roofing, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about solar panel installation.

Think about efficiency

MonoPERC solar panels capture not only the light on the surface of the panel, but also the light that passes through the cell.

More light captured means more energy produced, making this panel a more efficient option.

Another benefit of MonoPERC solar panels is their performance in low-light conditions.

Solar panel price is not the same as solar panel cost. To get the most efficient solar panels, you’ll have to be willing to invest a bit more in the beginning.

But always keep in mind that the more efficient the panel, the more money you’ll save on your energy bill each month, reducing the overall cost of switching to clean energy.

Solar panel systems tend to pay for themselves in just a few years, eventually leading to a net gain. And the expected lifespan of a solar panel is 25-30 years!

Evaluate your roof space

Since MonoPERC panels are a slightly more efficient option, they can generate the same amount of energy as the Mono panels without taking up so much roof space.

In addition, MonoPERC panels have greater flexibility, meaning you may have more options as far as where to place them on your roof.

So if your roof space is limited and you don’t mind paying a little more up front for higher efficiency, this might be the solar panel for you.

We hope that this post has provided you with helpful information about the benefits of solar panels and how to pick the best solar panel for your house or business. Keep exploring our site for more tips like finding out five roofing materials we recommend for your home renovation. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact with us about solar panel installation here.


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