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Protect Your Home with a Fall Roof Inspection

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Cooler nights signal that summer is quickly coming to a close and remind us that it’s time to prepare our homes for the cold weather months. As you ready your home for fall and winter, be sure to add a roof inspection to your preparation checklist.

Fall roof inspection
Fall is the Right Time to Inspect Your Roof

Why Do a Roof Inspection?

“By getting a professional roof inspection in the fall, you can address any unknown issues before the harsh New England winter weather sets in,” says Gino Spero, president of Refined Home Services, a leading roofing and exterior renovation company. Spero notes that even minor roofing problems left unattended, can lead to extensive and costly interior damage.

Most homeowners can identify obvious roofing problems—such as missing shingles—without climbing up on their roof. However, other roofing issues may not be visible to the untrained eye. This is why it’s important to get a roof inspection by a trusted professional.

If your home is getting up there in age, or it’s been a while since a professional has taken a look at it, contact Refined Home Services for a FREE roof inspection or get an instant estimate on your roof now.

What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

A reputable roofing company like Refined Home Services will take a good look at the structure and workmanship of your roofing system, as well as the overall condition of your roofing material.

Roofing Structure

“With each roofing inspection, we look for uneven roof planes and any signs of sagging. We’ll also check the condition of the soffit, fascia, and gutter system since any water that backs up into a roof system can cause extensive damage,” Spero notes. We may also check your attic ventilation since improper venting can lead to heat and moisture build-up, increasing the risk of ice dams during the winter months.

Roofing Materials

We’ll look for missing, loose, worn, buckling, or curling shingles and missing flashing or fasteners. We’ll also check for the presence of moss, mold, rust or other stains.

Roofing Workmanship

A roof is only as good as its installation. During our inspection, we’ll look for problems in workmanship—including incorrect flashing around chimneys, skylights, and chimneys—that can put your roofing system at risk.

Interior Problems

If you have any signs of roof leaks—including water stains, mold, or rot in your attic or interior walls and ceilings—be sure to let us know during your roof inspection. This will help us determine how water may be making its way into your home.

Free Roof Inspection in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts

A fall roof inspection will ensure that your roof will be ready to take on whatever Mother Nature hurls its way this winter. Protect your home and family by contacting us to schedule your FREE roof inspection.


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