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When to Reach Professional Roofing Company and Why?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, dealing with the complexities of a damaged roof might be a little out of your wheelhouse. That’s when a professional roofing company comes in handy.

professional roofing company
Hire a Licensed and Insured Professional Roofing Company

Why hire a professional roofing service?

Keeping up with your home’s maintenance can be a rewarding but draining task. However, there’s a place that should be off limits; your roof. It’s arguably the most important structure of your house; what makes it safe, sturdy and covered. When dealing with it you should always consider hiring professional roofing services. 

If you consider yourself to be handy, let’s just put your tool kit down for a minute, and take a look at when to call a professional roofer, what to look at to make sure they are the right ones for the job, and why it’s so important to hand this task to a roofing company instead of trying it yourself. 

When should you call for a professional roofing service?

There are a few signs you can notice on your roof at plain sight that might hint at the possibility of damage. And it all starts with the shingles. 

They protect your roof by creating a watertight and wind-resistant seal that makes it impervious to a lot of weather conditions. However, they are neither everlasting nor fail proof. 

High temperatures, hail or severe storms can wear them out through the years; you might find yourself noticing gray granules collected in your gutters, a few shingles missing on your roof or even shingles appearing on your lawn. 

professional roofing
Falling shingles might be a reason to call for professional roofing services.

Another hint you might need to call a professional roofing company that could come from inside your house. If you spot conspicuous water stains and leaks, whether it can be seen on the roof itself or anywhere the roof would spill onto (like in your attic), it might be time to call a professional roofer.

Evidence of water stains could hint at a leaky roof, and trust us, that is no joke, as it could quickly lead to severe damage in the event of extreme weather conditions. 

Also, if you notice that your roof is starting to show darkened spots or mossy green patches, it has probably been affected by mold, moss or algae. These are really tricky intruders in your roof, that can thrive in cracks and corners after the wind blows spores into them. 

And it’s not only about the nasty look they give to your home; they can actually create stains, cause leaks and even deteriorate the structure of your roof, as the moss’s roots can break down the most sturdy materials. 

Last but not least, it’s essential to acknowledge that roofs get old just like humans. Most of them are expected to last around 25 years, so if your roof is quickly approaching its twenties, it might be time to call for a thorough inspection

How can you tell you are dealing with a professional roofer?

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential roofing services, choosing the right guy for the job is one of the most important parts. And that’s not at all the one that will do the job for the lower bid (always beware of suspiciously cheap budgets). 

When looking for professional roofers, you gotta separate the wheat from the chaff, but how? Well, a professional roofing company and their contractors will always carry the requisite permits and licenses for every job they perform, so make sure to always ask for that when inquiring about roofing budgets. 

On the same vein, professional roofing services always include insurance for every worker they put on your roof, which will cover any medical expense in the event that any of them is hurt while doing their job. 

In addition, a professional roofing company will always provide you with a written contract detailing the scope, timing and budget of the project, which protects you in case of any unforeseen setbacks. 

To sum up, you should never go for less than those three items: license and permits, insurance and a written contract. And rest assured, if you are actually dealing with professional roofing contractors, they will undoubtedly provide them with ease. 

Why is it important to call a professional roofer?

You might think you could pull out a little fix here or there and save some money, but trust us; there’s nothing like a job well done by roofing professionals.

For starters, they will not only have the experience to do an expeditive and efficient job, but they will also carry the right equipment and technology that you probably would not have access to. 

But more important than the tools or chemicals they would use for repairing the shingles or removing the moss is the security measures they will take to protect everyone who puts a foot on your roof. 

This is the most important thing to consider: paying for professional roofing services will surely be cheaper than a hip replacement and a long stay at the hospital. Fixing a roof should not be a Saturday morning leisure activity; personal and material risks are involved, so you should always leave it to the pros. 

Now you know: If you are currently looking for one of the professional roofing services mentioned above, consider contacting Refined Home Services for a free, no-obligation quote. We use the latest imaging and estimating technology to provide virtual, contactless estimates to our customers.


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